Brownish Black at Holocene March 6, 2014. CTL’s Stephanie Shea on tenor sax. Brownish Black at Holocene March 6, 2014. CTL’s Stephanie Shea on tenor sax.

One of the benefits of being based in the Portland area is the flourishing local music scene. In addition to loving technology, we are all big music fans here at CTL®. In the past we’ve sponsored Oregon Music News and been involved in local music events. In fact, several of our employees are musicians themselves.

There’s something about music and technology that go together and one of our team members, Stephanie Shea is a tenor sax player in the Portland band, Brownish Black. Now in their fourth year together, Brownish Black is making a name for themselves with their original soul/R & B music that has an authentically vintage, yet fresh sound. Reminiscent of the family-based soul acts of the 60s and 70s, Brownish Black features a full horn section, a tight rhythm section and the vocals of Detroit-born M.D. Sharbatz combined with soul diva, Ms. V. The result is infectious music where the past and future collide into a highly danceable, high energy experience.

Stephanie spends her days copywriting and marketing for CTL, and if you’re a subscriber to any of our newsletters, you may recognize her name from our email communications. By night, however, she’s usually making music and plays around town frequently. CTL® is excited for Brownish Black as they have been working on their debut full-length album and are in the final week of their Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds to finish the recording and production of the digital downloads, CDs, and yes, even vinyl records!

It’s been a fun few weeks around the office finding out what the Kickstarter totals are as we root for Brownish Black to make their goal of raising $10,000. As of this blog posting, they are only about $1200 away from funding their album, with six days to go. You can check out their Kickstarter campaign here: On their Kickstarter page, you can read their backstory, find out about their world-class producer, watch concert footage and hear their music.

And, if you’re in the Portland area, you can catch them live Tuesday, April 15th at the Doug Fir Lounge as part of the Soul’d Out Festival where they will be sharing the bill with Jeni Wren. For more information on shows, their Kickstarter or anything else the band has going on, check out their Facebook page here: In fact, you can send them a personal message through Facebook and request to be signed up for their e-newsletter. I bet you can guess who will be sending you that communication!

Windows XP users vulnerable to hackers

According to a recent Washington Post article, hundreds of thousands of government machines will continue to run Windows XP, despite a recent rush to complete upgrades. Microsoft withdrew its free support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014, which means that the outdated operating system is no longer able to get the security updates necessary to prevent hackers and malware. Security experts warn that hackers have been preparing for the Windows XP “end-of-life” by stockpiling vulnerabilities that amount to skeleton keys that can give intruders remote access, the article states.

If your government agency is still running Windows XP, now is a great time to upgrade your operating system. CTL® can help! We’re your source for Windows 7 or 8.1 as well as a variety of laptops, tablets and desktops capable of running the latest Microsoft operating systems. To find out more, contact your CTL® sales rep or give us a call at 1-800-642-3087.

CTL® has Digital Signage Solutions for Government

April 14, 2014

Is your government agency looking for digital signage to publicize meetings, events, employee messages, public information, emergency alerts or other important communications? Digital signage can help effectively and efficiently convey information in your facilities. Libraries, museums, schools, hospitals, city hall and other government buildings can utilize digital signs to display important messages in different languages [...]

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Chromebooks Offer Security and Cost-Savings to Government Agencies

April 14, 2014

CTL® Now a Reseller for Acer and Toshiba Chromebooks! For many government agencies looking to lower the cost of cloud-based applications, Chromebooks have become an appealing solution for several reasons. Chromebooks are not just for casual computer users —they’ve found their place among business, education and government users who might not need a full desktop [...]

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Chromebooks FAQ

March 31, 2014

CTL is a certified reseller of Acer and Toshiba Chromebooks. You may be hearing a lot of buzz about Chromebooks these days, and for good reason. They offer a simple interface, long battery life, security and an affordable price. They boot up in seconds, feature built-in apps for storing documents online and sending emails and [...]

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CTL® is Your Source for Lenovo® ThinkServers®!

March 31, 2014

Did you know that as an authorized Lenovo Reseller, we can provide our customers with great deals on Lenovo ThinkServers? As a provider of IT solutions, CTL® is proud to be distributing Lenovo ThinkServers because of their quality, reliability and manageability. The Lenovo ThinkServers are known for their outstanding thermal efficiency, remarkably quiet acoustics, and enterprise-tough [...]

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K-12 Educators Invited to the CTL® 1:1 e-Learning Solutions Open House

March 24, 2014

REGISTER HERE: Who: K-12 Educators, Administrators, Purchasers and IT Departments What: An open house with catered lunch to introduce CTL®’s selection of Chromebooks and Windows PCs that are available at discounts to K-12 schools. When: Thursday, April 3 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. Where: CTL Headquarters, 9700 SW Harvest Court, Building 100, Beaverton, [...]

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The CTL® 2go® Classmate PC E12 Reduced to $299 for K-12 Schools!

March 19, 2014

CTL®’s line of 2go® Classmate PCs is a popular choice for K-12 education because of their durability, light weight and easy-to-use interface. You  may have heard that Microsoft recently launched a program called “Shape the Future” that is dedicated to offering as many K-12 schools as possible with classroom PCs by drastically reducing prices. Because [...]

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Education Customers: Intel® Education Software Stack available with CTL® 2go® Classmate PCs

March 18, 2014

Our education customers already know that CTL®’s 2go® Classmate PCs are designed for the classroom with their ruggedized features and student-friendly interface. But you might not know that CTL® can include the Intel® Education Software Stack at no extra cost to qualifying educational institutions. Intel® Education Software helps students develop their skills of collaboration, creativity, [...]

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CTL® and Microsoft “Shape the Future” of K-12 Education — PCs Starting as Low as $299 with Windows 7 or 8 Pro!

March 17, 2014

Significant discounts available to K-12 education on these CTL® Windows PCs plus many more! Special savings available for K-12 Schools nationwide. CTL® is one of a limited amount of Microsoft direct OEMs, which allows us to give qualifying schools deep discounts on Windows PCs and educational software through Microsoft’s “Shape the Future” program. We’re committed [...]

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Acer Chromebook C710 Available at CTL®

March 3, 2014

We’re currently offering this Chromebook on our website and you can expect to see more Chromebooks available from us soon.  Chromebook’s cloud-based OS and built-in virus protection refresh on reboot. No updates to track, no discs to insert, and backups are automatic, too. Chrome OS’s intuitive interface makes it all so simple. The Acer Chromebook [...]

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CTL® is a Proud Sponsor of PDXLAN 23!

February 20, 2014

  Gamers from all over the US and Canada are eagerly awaiting the next PDXLAN event in Portland February 21-24. This mega-LAN party event brings 550 gamers and their computers for up to four days to play video games, participate in fun contests and check out sponsor presentations. Over the years, PDXLAN has become one [...]

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